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The sires of our litters are the result of a vigorous search for the very best in the Brittany breed.  Our males have passed immense scrutiny, having the proper temperament, carriage, trainability, and intense natural ability.  We start all of our males at an early age, exposing them to birds by 6 weeks of age.  The ones with the keenest desire and right temperament are held back.  They are hunted through their first fall, again sorted by their temperament and desire to not only hunt, but please their master as well.  The following summer they are sent to the prairies of Manitoba Canada with Chad Holman, a third generation Brittany trainer.  Chad�s late father, Jim, and late grandfather, Lee, are in the American Brittany Club hall of fame.  Chad currently is tied for the most wins at the Brittany National Championships.  Having had our dogs for over twenty years, Chad is acutely aware of our goal with each dog.  Each dog is measured against the ability to win the National Championship.  This takes a heart full of desire, uncanny bird sense, a willingness to work for the handler (and a lot of luck).

 All males used are O.F.A. certified and D.N.A. profiled with the A.K.C.  This insures the integrity of the breed.  About one time per year, after repeatedly observing the dog, seeking advice from trusted Brittany friends, and researching his pedigree, we send one of our females out to be breed to an outside sire.  One can never become kennel blind or content, or mediocrity will soon set in.  We do not want average dogs, and as such, are always pushing to improve.


Rebel Jac's Hammerin Dandy


2008 National Champion


"Black Creek IKE" 
American Field Derby
Classic Winner
     American Field Derby
Champion Winner

"Black Creek TIM"
Future Champion?




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Black Creek Kennel and Stable
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