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We generally have three or four litters of pups per year, starting in the early spring and ending in the late summer.  All pups will have a veterinary checkup, have their first shots, and be wormed several times.  A.K.C. puppy registration papers will be ready when the pup is picked up.  We require a $50 deposit to hold a pup.  The order the deposit is received is the order the pup is selected unless you are unable to select by seven weeks of age.  When this happens, we ask that you either let us select your pup, or you drop in order until you are able to select.  We reserve the right to select the first male and female for our own use.  If there are not enough pups to satisfy all deposits, you will have the option of getting your deposit returned or going to the next litters list. 

All pups will be well socialized.  They will be handled daily, be acclimated to loud noises, and interact with kids.  They will remain with their mother 7/24 up until their 5th week, at which point she will be removed from the puppy pen during the day, returned for the night, until they are weaned.  Solid food is introduced at four weeks of age, three times per day.  When you pick your pup up, it will be eating dry puppy food two times per day. 

Throughout the puppy’s development, they will be presented with challenges.  Most challenges start as games; creating barriers between the pup and their food.  As the puppy develops, the barriers become more difficult.  In the end, the pups always win.  This builds the pups coping mechanism and confidence, reducing stress and anxiety in the future when new stimuli and challenges are presented.  The pups will respond to a whistle, climb steps, and go with you off leash. 

All pups come with a money back guarantee that they will be free from genetic abnormalities.

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Black Creek Kennel and Stable
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