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Our females are selected for their natural ability, disposition and confirmation.  All females have been selected in the field, having passed scrutiny as hunting and companion dogs.  We hold back several pups every year, training and hunting them through their first fall.  The best stay on for additional training and observation.  At the end of two years, if we feel they are up to our standards, we see if they are proponent, able to pass these characteristics on to their offspring.  We want our females to be the best representation of the breed possible. 

All females are maintained on Heartguard, are up to date on their medical, and are O.F.A. certified Good or Excellent. 


Black Creek Wild Flower
Call Name "Daisy"


Rebel Jacs Hankern Jill
Call Name "Jill"


Mac's Royalty
Call Name "Princess"


Lakota's Rebel Jac
Call Name "Lakota"

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Black Creek Kennel and Stable
Churchville, New York